Sunday, December 13, 2009

it is that time again. i am hunkered down in the mountains that i love. it is early in the morning, and the gray light is filtering in through faryn and eli's little apartment window. i can see how cold it is outside by the way the trees hang. but it is warm inside propped up on the couch with laptop in hand, feet nestled in blankets about 3 feet away from the most deliciously warm heater.
i got off work yesterday, went home to kiss my family, and hit the road bound for fueling up for what lies ahead over the next couple of weeks. i refuse to be consumed. after a long ride, a big cup of coffee, and a pee break i pulled back into the city of memories....where now not only can i connect with one of my friends at a time, but all 3 girl friends at once....i have to check my pulse....i tilt my head, the planets align.
faryn and eli have moved back from an 8 year stay on the west coast, i know it was hard for them to leave. i would fight the move from the pacific north west with every ounce of will in my body. it is so lovely and strange. but i am glad they are here. and with the most beautiful baby boy shuffling around, and being slung from hip to hip, sweet milo. all nestled back in our old stomping grounds.
Montford is where so much took form, so much broke down, so much was planned, dreamt, laughed about, cried about, lived in, bundled up, shaken off. but this time it is slept in, looked about, savored, and will be passed through. i am getting better about this i think. the coming and going. the re-collecting of thoughts. the processing of memories, and the acknowledgment of the present. but rock and i both know that we would like for the comings and going to stop. we want to make it a permanent coming and staying. for our family. for our health, for our minds, bodies, our hearts.