Wednesday, September 20, 2006

poems ive left.

i wnated to do a copy paste of some of the poems i have sent out over the past few weeks before i lost them....

i am thinking of you with little wings...
whispering tunes of long ago.....
grey hazy stretch of highway....
you beside my heart,
beside the road.
caught on fire with sagebrush
and crimson from the inside out.
do you remember?
do you recall?
there was a time.
all of it, every little last feather still remains
"a poem to faryn"

all things present,
moving like water....
towards the essence of its being.
continually lulled onward,
towards an unseen all encompassing
caught up in the current
roaming river undernieth,
"poem for jeff"

thoughts of you,
tucked in with bits of orange,
and peices of goldenrod.
willlows bend,
changing of wind,
there you are
seeing in every direction.
the edges are seemless......
"thoughts on fall for gentle"

there is alot to tell about it all
but it is better held gently,
like water, or air....
always passing,
always flowing,
always aware of the way.
"what i wanted to tell karen"

that is all i can find right now, but im sure there are others lollygaggin around the internet , and i cant remember where i put them...hahhahaha..


eve said...

those are most beautiful! thank you.


nicholas said...

beautiful like that sweet music y'all done played fer us last week.


(see you all again very soon.)

bluemountainmama said...

love the poems becky! i linked here from motherskylark's- i see you update your blog about as much as she does! :)
-motherskylark's big sis