Monday, November 09, 2009


today i went to the funeral of one of our families great patriarchs....while i did not know him all that well, i remember his face at every thanksgiving, his laugh, his jokes, his countenance...i remember his house when i was little with trinket from other lands, books from floor to ceiling, and oh the magnificent fan know the stationary bikes they used to make with the giant fans for front tires....i remember it there by the back door leading to the pool where i learned to swim....i have memories of going over for swims after a long day of pilfering through the may's backyard. still smelling of grass and roses...i wore rose oil today for him....for her.
his house is the first memory i have of that weird ancient pull....there were maps, and globes, old books, rugs and the smell of knowledge.....he could have been a secret treasure chaser for all i knew, and that is what i thought at the time, looking back now, and hearing the stories his friends and family told of him, i think i may have been right in my assumption.
he had his own struggles like us in all families we are all concerned for how so and so are doing, how they look better or worse this year, what they have gotten into, gotten out of....he was not immune to this, none of us are. i look at our family and i see so many of us fight with the same demons.... depression, mental balance, extremism..... etc.....etc.... the need to fill up a really big hole where there is a really big is so grand. so much to learn, so much to see, so much to question, to process....and yet we only have this long, or that long to pass through. we collect what we can faces, names, memories, our story.....
so here is to his story.....the great "omniologist" himself....may your questions be answered. may your mind be full, and your heart be fuller.
and on a lighter note, i wish i could join the number of astute men who carry on his legacy, and grow a beard. not really but......i raise my cup to men with beards...!!!


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