Monday, February 15, 2010

where the earth fell open.

there was a shift
a place where the earth fell open
standing on the edge looking in
i ran my hands through hair
not mine
but the ghost of a really bad day

shifting from left foot to right
finding my balance
gazing dumbly like a half sleepy child
i recognize this space
this chasm
this break.

it is deep, dark, mysterious
with a half grin
and silence.

my toes hanging over feel the cool air
float up like little feathers
the thing is breathing
the thing is beating

i could jump in and fall forever.
i could hold my breath
feel weightless till the bottom
the hard hard bottom

but i see now that hole in the ground
for what it is.
my skin clenches at my muscles
and makes them turn my body around.
my hands run one more time through
the hair of what seems to be
and with one good shifting of my heels
i can see up.

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