Monday, April 19, 2010

10 reasons why i dont need to drink rum.

1. my name is not preceded by "captain" nor do i wear an eye patch.
2. it is not friendly to my IBS riddled intestines.
3. i can take my family out to eat for the cost of one bottle of my favorite rum.
4. no matter how good it tastes it burns like hell going down.
5. i do ridiculous things in public after about 6 shots, and inevitably someone will have a phone with a video camera on it. you get the picture right?
6. i become overly passionate about whatever i am talking about....and i will hurt feelings with said passion, or get so worked up i spit, or shoot things out of my nose. yes, it has happened.....
7. my mom worries about me when i drink, wether she says so or not.
8. i do not have an off switch when i have had one shot too many, and will continue to "line em' up"
9. it is very difficult the next morning to remember conversations, movie plots, emails i have sent...etc. from the night before.
10. hangovers SUCK!

you may be asking yourself well becky, what is this all about? well, when i was little i told a lie.....i know, *gasp* and you know what my parents made me do? the worst punishment ever!!!!! seriously!!!! it is so horrible i have passed down this form of torture to my own 7 year old. when she lies to my face i..............make her write "i will not tell a lie" 50 times. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! the tediousness, the hand cramps, the eaten up eraser is awful!
but while writing over and over again, you get something.....why you are being punished....granted there is a point where your brain checks out and you are just copying the line before it......but somewhere in there is a moment of regret for what you know that thing that got you into this word riddled i figured i would take it to the next step and actually write out what sucks about my present day vice. in hopes that at some point it would sink in. i had a serious problem this past year with alcohol, but the Lord is giving me the strength to pass through this day to day. he has given me a reason to stay sober, but last night, well.....i enjoyed the pirates delight. granted i didnt get sloppy drunk, but i still woke up with a cloudy head, and a painful reminder of a promise. The Spirit had a heart to heart with me this morning, which i am grateful for, because it means i am so important to Him that he doesnt want me to wander away. so this little post is going to be a reminder to me for a bit. of atleast 10 reasons why i dont need to drink rum. (and to myself if i am re-reading this you know there is another more important reason, so start praying.) if you are someone else reading this, please pray for me if you think to. please note i am not against alcohol consumption. Jesus turned water into wine, you cant skirt around that....but i know for a fact that me+rum=not so good.

keeping it real.


MadHatter said...

thanks for keeping it real.....and while I want to think that I'm a "cool kid" drinker (with a smoke or 3 to boot), I realize that is not who I safely praying for you and you could still pull off the eye patch if ye be wantin' too, matey

rebecca said...

i think eye patches are way under-rated!
and the whole "cool kid" drinker rings a bell with me too....i can safely drink a couple glasses of wine, or even a couple beers, but that dag blasted rum gets me everytime....something about the 96 proof. i dunno...hahahaha...thanks for the prayers sistah! i surely appreciate it.....lets make a date for this weekend sometime if we can, what ya say?

Natalia said...

hey, I was there for #6!! ;)

I love you Becky. I was hurting for you there for a while, but I am so glad that our God is bigger than all the bottles of Rum put together throughout history!!! HE loves you so. <3