Friday, April 16, 2010

you know what i like?

*i like really honest people who cry when they are sad, laugh when they are happy, and cuss like sailors when they get really good and worked up.
*i like dirty feet, smelly arm pits, and really weird tan lines that people who live and work outside get, and i like how they dont think anything of them.
*i like the fact that i could throw most of my house in my back yard right now and most of it would decompose with in a few weeks.
*i like watching bad kung-fu movies with my husband....just because i know he likes them.
*i like watching my 2 year old pick her nose.
*i like it more when she realizes i am watching and smiles at me as she puts her "nose treasure" in her mouth.
*i like making ridiculous noises in already awkward situations....seriously try it some time.
*i like watching people open up, and grow.
*i like it even more when i am one of those that selfish?
*i like my bed more than i will ever admit.
*i like it when people look at me in my eyes, and dont look away when i do the same to them.
when i meet people like this, i wish i was more like that.
*i like it when people feel comfortable enough to walk into my house with out knocking, and i like it even more if they dont steal things.
*i like culture shock.
*i like that there are lots of people who dont like these things.....

no point, just sayin.

and to the hat lady, i like you bunches! thanks for the coffee break.

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MadHatter said...

and I like, no, I love you to pieces. I like how God puts people together who were sisters all along and never knew it