Thursday, April 22, 2010


i would like to take this time to share a bit of insight with you, the readers, that i would like to imagine read this, but who are probably just in my head, because i need to feel validated at all times......(and you the reader who doesnt mind my horrible usage of run on sentences.....whew)
so here is the deal....i am getting ready to watch a movie, not just any movie but the kind of movie that i look forward to with so much anticipation i almost cant stand it....but i dont look forward to it because it is going to make me feel all good inside or teach me valuable lessons, or even because it will make me laugh so hard i pee my pants.....oh no, i will be watching it because it is going to scare the freakin' crap out of me!!!!!
if there is one thing that freaks me out, keeps me up, makes me wake up in cold sweats, it ba ba!!!!!!!!! a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! i will lie i my bed at night for hours planning escape routes, trying to figure out who i will have the nerve to shoot, and who i will let limp grotesquely out of my house unscathed as i slip out the back window. i have visions of half mangled neighbors clawing their way into my bedroom at night while i i run, or do i go ahead, take the plunge and join the ranks as a brain hungry flesh eater.....????? oh the decisions....what is a girl to do????
my "covered in bees" friend is letting me borrow zombie land, which i hear is actually quite funny. but even with the funny parts, and woody harrelson in all of his fabulousness there will be undead, radioactive, malformed, blood thirsty, nasty breathed zombies walking around.....but i cant wait!!!!!
this is probably a sick disease i have, but i like to think of it more as therapy....or atleast practical preparatory training.

covers pulled up close, telephone close by, dvd ready to go.......!


rebecca said...

and for the record, it was sooooooooo good!

Libby said...

You are a stronger woman than I can. I cannot watch those things anymore. I wouldn't be able to sleep again.