Thursday, April 29, 2010

clean sheet day!!!!!

so, if you skip to 5:24 you will understand how i feel right now.......oh yes, it is clean sheet day.......crisp, clean and dog hair free!!!! i love this clip for a whole slew of reasons, one being that my mother used to say i reminded her of dharma, and that my due pay back for being a rebellious child would be to marry a man who was straight laced and fully conformed. we'll just look past the fact that beardy man wears vests and sassy shoes....and accept that he listen s to the clash and has had his septum pierced more than once....(for those of you wondering it is in the nose). but i digress.........clean sheet day!!!!!


MadHatter said...

Clean sheets rock!!

rebecca said...

UH HUH!!!!!!