Wednesday, May 19, 2010

dear crappy day, you were glad you are almost done.

so yeah, dear crappy day, i hate you, get out of my face.
that pretty much sums up my day. it was one of those days when i woke up tired, rolled into work, someone was out, my name was repeated like a broken record about 3000 times, all the while my brain is reeling at about 4 billion miles an hour, and i am convinced i am the most broken, selfish, worthless, poopiehead ever! so i do what i got to do, try real hard to smile, make a few stupid phone calls that just make me feel even more like a acne ridden 13 year old (no offense to 13 year olds i promise), then i throw down my towel.... literally, and state that "I AM GOING HOME!!!!" so i was about the time i got home i realized i had not eaten a bit of food since lunch the day before, and the fact that i had about 5 hours of sleep under my belt didnt help i had a talk with the Lord about taking better care of my body, and went to bed! after a 2 hour nap i was feeling better, but still hungry, so i picked up the kids, and got something to eat.....ran a few errands, and came back home to cook dinner......then hooped it up with lilli, now i am lounging in my bed whilst my husband puts the baby to bed......well crap, turns out it was a good day after all......awww hell, now i cant complain

dear tomorrow,
after i get a good nights sleep, eat breakfast and get to work where people only call out my name a billion times because they know i have their back, and will help them out, and after i eat lunch with my sweet friends, and hold my kids, and kiss my husband, and freak out about how i still dont know the songs i should know by now for sunday........please be understanding. i am far from having this stuff figured out. i do stupid things, say stupid stuff, trip over my own feet, and all sorts of rif raf seems to follow me about. but that is okay, cause i am not in charge and because well, you werent mine to begin with, and you wont be mine in the end. i just happened to be in you because something really big wanted me here.....and you just happened to happen cause that same something really big saw it fit for you to be here too, so that makes us sort of like family. and i like that.

see you tomorrow, tomorrow,


melody said...

i like this post. and i like you too :)

rebecca said...

thanks melody, i like you too.....and for the record today has been much better. still reeling like a freakin 13 year old though....oh well.

MadHatter said...

you know that you are making my brain spin and my heart race, right? You have challenged me so much in our last couple of real and blog conversations. Stop already. No, don't, but I don't know how much more conviction I can take!!