Monday, June 21, 2010

10 things

it is list time.
and i need to remind myself again that there are things that i like right now.

ready? please note these are thing i like today, and are subject to change at any moment, well, cause that is how i roll.

1. hula hooping, and i mean i like it in a big way, like if i wasnt married, and it was a human i would marry it. pretty much!
2. playing the piano. i play like a two fingered armadillo but i like it anyways.
3. being asked to sing on the worship team at newspring. seriously it makes my day.
4. making hula hoops.....see number 1.
5. the smell of grilling food. nough said.
6. water
7. my friend brandon is getting a new puppy soon, and might name it ALOT.
8. did i mention hula hooping?
9. my avocado tree.
10. rainbow and kittens, no just kidding, well yeah i like those too. but i like llamas better.


Libby said...

Your posts always me laugh!!

Natalia said...

SO if you like making hula hoops so much .. why have you not made me one yet???? I wonder??!!
I miss you girl.

rebecca said...

well my dear if you want one consider it made! now come and get it!

Natalia said...

hahaha there is always a catch! :D

rebecca said...

no catch just a friendly reminder that my doors are always open....*grin*

gillian said...

you have an avocado tree? how much does it produce? and where can i get one???