Thursday, June 03, 2010

so today i.......

was working, and you know doing that cake making thing, when i was overwhelmed
with the insatiable urge to make a hula hoop....any of you who know me are not
surprised by this in the here i am, fumbling through the yellow pages
to find some prize jewel, some glimmer of hope for the ever sought out 1" 100 psi


no, not that kind, the irrigation is what hoops are made of in the wild i call all sorts of places, irrigation places,
plumbing places, hardware
places, candy stores (okay, maybe i wasnt looking for
tubing then), you get the
picture.....and everywhere i calledi was all like


and then they were all like......NO! so i cried a little
inside.....dont worry i
got better. so anyways i look to my
decorating mentor and say "oh dear
decorating mentor, i am in a bind,i need tubing!" and she was all like.....


and i was, the other kind. and she
asked me
"what cha need it for?"
at which time i explained to her i was a ninja and
couldnt reveal my secrets.
she accepted said explanation and suggested i try
the one place i had not i picked up the phone and called sort of waiting for the let down....
the nice lady answered and i bleated from the other end of the line.....
"do you have tubing?"


and she was all like......


and i was all like, "no the irrigation kind" and the
voice on the other end rang out like a heavenly
and i was all......


so here in our little town resides the famous ever so hard to find 1" 100
psi tubing that all hoop makers covet, and get this
for only $25 for 100
feet!!!!! so when i got off of work, yes, a very hard
productive day of work......
(dont judge me)
i went to find the "hula grail".
came home with a load of tubing


(no, not that kind)
and big dreams!!!!! i sat down at my work bench
and whittled out 2 glorious hula hoops! ill post
pictures later.
but after my hoop making i was all like


and that made me pretty much feel like this......

happy llama

the end.


Sara said...

Oh my word! ONE INCH!? You're crazy :) Can you even get your hand around that? LOL I wanna see photos! Sorry I didn't ever call you back...I missus yous.

rebecca said...

i freakin' love the 1" im sure they have 3/4 too, ill get that next time. ill post pics today or tomorrow....<3

MadHatter said...

You are awesome....and at first I thought you were talking about making a hula hoop cake, which I was pretty into as well.