Wednesday, June 02, 2010

more a question than a statement.

i am going to be completely honest here, I AM TIRED! not in a i need to go to bed sort of way, but in a I NEED A FREAKIN' BREAK sort of way. vacations are too few and way too far between. and sometimes "vacation" just dont spread the butter. i keep reading in scripture where Jesus went into the wilderness to basically recollect. so here is the does a full time working, wife, mother of 2, doer of things slip out and into the wilderness to rest her weary bones and recollect? or do our bones really not matter, and should we pick ourselves up by our boot straps and keep on truckin? i am pretty sure we do matter. but that's all i got.



MadHatter said...

I told McG the same thing the other day...I don't want to change my life, but I need for it to stop for a little bit. You totally need to recharge. I wish I knew how. Here's what I can offer....leave your kiddos with me one about a Monday when you don't have to work (right?)..or on a Sunday afternoon or something, I can throw them in the pool with mine

Natalia said...

awwww Becky!! I love you and wish i could provide some kinda rest for you. If you could get away from work for a week (I know I know) you could pet-sit my friend little doggy and live in her beautiful house just 5 minutes away from me. Even if you came with your family, I could watch the kiddos so that you could go play. Please consider... I don't want you to totally burn out.
I wish I could hug you.

Also, have you ever looked into "the daily Office". The Universal prayers prayed by the Church in the morning when you wake up, at noon, in the evening and before you go to bed. Check out this site: and if you can get away 5 minutes here and there and tell your kids you are praying and not to disturb... I truly believe you could find some renewing of energy and courage like you have never seen... it is just a way not to run on empty but to keep going back and back for more without having to "come up" with prayers yourself. I can't recommend it enough... your life could change for the better and you might just find what you have been looking for.


rebecca said...

i LOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEEE you both! in big ways!!!! toni, i might just take you up on that, but if i am gonna go to your house i am gonna stay and hang with you mama! nat my sweet, i would love to come house sit for your friend, if the timing was just a little different i would be there with big expectant puppy eyes waiting for them to hand over the keys...and then i would immediately walk to your house and make you cook me food. ummmmmm. i mean hug me.
i will def. check out the site you posted, thank you so much.
i think sometimes these things are brought to our attention to make us realize that other people in our lives may need a break too. i was so focused on my own need to chill that i wasnt seeing other worn down, baggy eyed folks and what they needed. i know my rest will come when it is time. and it will be good. i just hope it involves a river, some dirt, smelly arm pits, a fire, and filthy feet. oh yes, this is my idea of relaxation at its finest!!!! seriously not kidding.

gillian said...

i love your idea of relaxation Becky! hope you get it, someday soon!